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Why Trek With Us

Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition is one of the leading trekking companies having an excellent track record of 15 successful years. We are exquisite providers of value oriented budgeted trekking and tourism operators, providing all sorts of adventure trekking and tour, extending our services across Tibet, Bhutan and India. Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition always had the legacy of being pioneers in providing personalized services with help of our professional experts who are our pillars and strengths for our success. A trekking company duly registered with the government of Nepal and have earned affiliations of reputed tourism related organizations such as Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN), Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), and Kathmandu Environmental Education Project (KEEP).We have always been customer conscious and have earned goodwill as being consistent in providing eternal customer satisfaction and repeated visits are self explanatory proofs of our customized services over the years. Our entire trekking staffs are licensed by the Ministry of Tourism in Nepal and are well trained and have sound knowledge of First Aid and altitude sickness. We understand the value of safer routes and know each and every trail at the back of our hands. The trekkers feel secured and enjoy quality time while trekking with us. Moreover we believe in eco-friendly treks where we trail and scale but without harming the nature and also value its existence. We are committed, sociable, and reliable, budgeted, sincere and experienced who would add value to your trip.
Promoting and Supporting Community: 
Trekking in Nepal is all about team work and organized effort. Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition has reinstated and always has been a keen supporter of community free from unemployment poverty and malnutrition. We along with the motivation of our employees have willingly supported (Rural Environmental Conservation Society Nepal) in shaping their lives for a better and a sustainable tomorrow. All our visitors have contributed and have been a part of this gesture and supported whole-heartedly to the fullest on their journey while trekking in Nepal. Shaping lives for a fortunate future.
Personalized Trekking Approach:
We have owned and honed this legacy for number of years. Trekking in Nepal has always been a friendly affair of bonding people with warmth. Destination Treks & Expedition and its team have always excelled in providing the warmth and support to the clients unconditionally. For us a guest is as good as a family member and keen consideration of personalized service and welcome is our priority. Uncompromising and popular among clients of yesteryears along with their, emails and personal contact is a proof of our goodwill and personalized vision making a place in hearts of visitors globally.
Responsible Eco-Friendly Trekking:
Trekking in Nepal has always been multidimensional and of the highest quality. Eco-friendly trek is a unique form of trekking carrying a purpose to be adhered too and followed while on trail. Destination Treks & Expedition as added one more aspect to it as responsible eco-friendly trek. Having said that we thoroughly practice it while on treks or trails and see that our trek doesn’t create negative impacts on climate, environment, socially and globally. Raise not only awareness and sensitivity but provide financial benefits and empowerment to locals coherently providing positive experiences for visitors and hosts. Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition believes that if trekking is done without disturbing the nature and being responsible towards it would make our planet a better place to live.
We have been around long enough to know our client’s needs, expectations and deliver a trip of a lifetime is what we have consistently repeated time and again in our business. Whatever your idea or desire for an ambitious or outrageous adventure we try to match your type of adventure till the extreme possible limits and help you get the most out of this exotic and mystical country like no one else.