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Rafting A handful of River Rafting in the world can match the thundering course of the rivers of Nepal originating from snow meltdown of the Himalayan terrain. Rafting in Nepal drains you under its tremendous turbulence of the swerving waters tossing and submerging under mammoth boulders and cascading swift waterfalls. The camaraderie between the raft and the rivers winding through the lush green valleys and scanty settlements are indeed breathtaking and soaks you under its thrills and amazement.

Rafting in Nepal is re-living the exciting fresh water moments amidst the rhythm of nature. Rafting in Nepal is a tailor made platform which boasts of numerous swift flowing rivers fed by the glaciers of the world’s highest mountains and the snow of the Tibetan Plateau that provides an exciting opportunity for white water rafting and more. Some of the rivers rise to the occasion and provide best waters to raft on viz., Bhote Koshi River, Kali Gandaki River, Marshyangdi River, Seti River, Trishuli River and Karnali River etc,. Rafting is one of the best formats that offer closer and deeper glimpses of the indigenous communities residing along the banks of the rivers for ages following the traditions and rituals till date. The lush green forest dwarfed under the mighty mountains and peaks makes rafting in Nepal meaningful and momentous.

Destination Himalaya Treks & Expedition offers an unforgettable splashing experience during the feasible months of late September to mid December and from March to early May, avoiding the monsoon and the cold season. Take an ambitious thrilling dip with us and safely swirl with the tides and currents while gliding through the spectacles of white waters in Nepal