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Nagarkot-Changu Narayan-Bhaktapur Day Tour

Nagarkot-Changu Narayan-Bhaktapur Day TourWhile you are staying in or near Kathmandu Valley, one of the best activities to do is to join this day tour package of hiking from Nagarkot to Bhaktapur. You can also do it in opposite way i.e. hiking from Bhaktapur to Nagarkot. Nagarkot, located 32 km east of Kathmandu is one of the most beautiful scenic spots. It is one of the major destinations of tourists visiting Nepal and famous for its hill station or viewpoint from where you can enjoy awe-inspiring views of Himalayan peaks including Ganesh Himal, Langtang, Gang Chenpo, Shisha Pangma, Dome Blanc, Dorje Lakpa, Lonpo Gang, Purbi Chyachu, Gauri Shankar as well as the world’s highest mountain, Mt. Everest. Isn’t it amazing that you can enjoy breathtaking views of Himalayas even from the comfort of your hotel balcony at Nagarkot? Nagarkot is a beautiful place gifted with natural beauty which is away from the crowds and commercialization of Kathmandu. The hike from Nagarkot to Changu Narayan is a popular day hike through the terraced fields and local villages. It takes about 4 hrs to reach Changu Narayan Temple, one of the UNESCO’s cultural heritage sites. Changu Narayan Temple, which is considered to be the oldest Hindu temple in Nepal, is the epitome of ancient arts and architecture of Hindus.  A downhill hike to reach the Bhaktapur city from the temple lets you admire views of mountains and hills on the way. There are many sites worth to visit in Bhaktapur. You can visit Bhaktapur Durbar Square which is also enlisted as UNESCO’s cultural heritage site.

This day tour is simple amazing. Perhaps, you can’t get much more than this tour in a single day. This single day tour is a well combination of natural and cultural encounter.


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